Monday, September 29, 2008

Read, Read, Read, Read

Katie and I just finished watching an all new episode of Sesame Street. It starred Tina Fey as the leader of a band of Pirates who called themselves the "BOOKaneers" because they love to read books. In the episode, Elmo tries to become a pirate and join the Bookaneers. (Andrea, Patrick would probably love this episode.)

Now, Katie is singing, over and over again, "Read, read, read, read. A pirate likes to read," to the tune of "Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate's life for me." Sometimes, she so darn cute I can't stand it!


Karlise said...

I loved the Bookaneers at SeaWorld. They were great! (No Tina Fey though)

Andrea said...

That is too cute - I'll have to see if I can Tivo it on PBS Thanks!