Monday, September 29, 2008

Got the Call

They called me. AGAIN. About the overdraft on my account.

Them: We are calling you about the overdraft on your account. Did you know that your account is overdrawn?

Me: Yes. Could you guys please stop calling me about it?

Them: Well, when are you going to bring your account current?

Me: Whenever you guys get around to taking care of it.

Them: Oh, is there a dispute on your account?

Me: Yeah! I've already told you guys this. Now, can you please stop calling me?

Them: Well, it'll take up to two weeks for the fraud dispute to be completed, and we can't stop calling you because the computer automatically calls you as long as your account is this overdrawn. You'll just have to ignore the calls until your account is positive again.

Me: Great! (note the sarcasm here)

So, it looks like I'm in for another week and a half of these phone calls. Oh, joy!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ugggh I'm so sorry! This just STINKS! We dealt with this a few weeks ago. It ended up being a problem with the bank that took the money out...someone typed in the wrong # or something..yada yada yada. They took $1000 out.

I'd be tempted to hold a fog horn up to the phone next time they call you. It's not like they can't put a note on your account that you have a fraud issue.

Thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog. I'm glad you left one so that I could come by yours! :-)

Thanks for the support!


What A Card said...

Oh yeah, they're going to keep calling you. There is a way to make it stop as they're not allowed to harass you, but I hope it'll all be fixed up before they really start to drive you crazy. Good luck!