Saturday, September 27, 2008

Much Better

I went to Super Target tonight after dinner. I decided to check their Halloween section to see if they had any less-scary candy pails that would go well with Katie's costume. And this is what I found.

This is SO much better than carrying around a decapitated head. I think Katie's really going to like it.

In other news, I finally got the big, fat check from my medical flexible spending account that I've been waiting for in the mail today. What a relief it was! I figured out a couple of months ago that Sarah's dental office hadn't been billing our insurance company for her orthodontic visits since they hit the maximum orthodontics payout. They figured, "Why bother since they're not going to pay anymore?" So, I told them why they needed to bother. Just because they aren't collecting anymore money from our insurance company, didn't mean that I didn't still need them to file a claim.

You see, the way our FSA works is that once a claim is denied, or partially paid, by our insurance company, the FSA then cuts us a check for the part we had to pay out of pocket. Since Sarah's braces cost WAY more than what the insurance company covered, I still have to pay her dentist about $100 per month. If they don't file a claim for the visit, our insurance company doesn't deny it, and our FSA doesn't reimburse me for what I spent.

So, the billing lady said that she didn't think it would work, but she would try it anyway, just to make me happy. And after a couple of months of waiting for something to happen, and me deciding that it probably was a lost cause, the check came in the mail today. Hallelujah! I will definitely be thanking the big guy upstairs big time tomorrow in church! I should probably thank the billing lady, too. That way she won't give me such a hard time the next time I ask her to do it for me.


Ashley. Unscripted... said...

Much, much better.

Target is the cure for all that ails you. I'm convinced.

Debbie said...

As you may remember, I do insurance billing for a pediatric group. Even though its a Pediatric group, a dentist or orthodontist should work the same way. I have never heard of a medical provider not submitting to the insurance company anymore if they are not receiving payments. Technically, in NY at least, there are laws about what is expected for a medical practice and submitting claims in a somewhat timely amount of time, is one of them...That's just the most ridiculous thing I heard of....Good thing you knew what was going on, but then again, you would of seen no EOB's coming back to you...

Melodie said...

Debbie, That's how I figured it out. I realized that I hadn't received an EOB for Sarah's ortho for a while, so I asked the office about it.

Aubrey said...

Oh yes! Much better. I found some really cute bags at Old Navy last year. They have cute Halloween designs and are really sturdy. The kids will be using them again this year!