Monday, September 22, 2008

New Fishies

Saturday, Phil and I went out to buy some more fish for Katie. We decided to skip Walmart this time and go to PetCo. We looked at a bunch of different fish and decided on a few that we liked. But then the weird PetCo fish guy said that because we only have a three gallon tank, we could only get guppies. He said the other fish needed more water and he couldn't guarantee them if we bought them.

We eventually picked out two little guppies, the most colorful ones we could find, and we also decided to buy them a new tank decoration. Take a look.

Yes, I know. You can barely see them because their colors blend in so well with the new tank decoration. Here's a better view of them.

We haven't decided on names for the new fish yet. One of them is garnet and gold in color, so I'm leaning toward "Nole." I still have no clue about what to name the turquoise one, though. Of course, Katie's just going to call them both "Fishy" so we may just skip the names altogether.

And for those of you wondering, our pleco is still with us.


Tiffany said...

Fishy sounds good to me!

The Nice One said...

I love guppies! THey are so pretty.

Michelle said...

CUTE! :)