Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sicko: Revenge of the Germs

Sarah is still sick. Actually, she's much worse than she was on Monday. She woke up vomiting again this morning, so I checked her temperature. It was up to 102.8! When she gets like this, she can't take her antibiotics because she'll just vomit them right back up.

I gave her some chewable Motrin to try to bring down her temperature. Once it comes down low enough, I can give her the antibiotics.

I also went ahead and got her an appointment to see Dr. Bob again this afternoon. Hopefully, he can give her a shot to get her better fast. She's already missed the entire week of school. I'd hate for her to have to be sick for her entire three day weekend, too.


Debbie said...

Hope she feels better soon...How horrible for our kids to be that sick for so long...

Andrea said...

Hope she is on the mend - I really will be keeping my fingers & toes crossed that you don't spend the long weekend as sickos! C'mon immune system - win, win, win!