Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busy Morning

It's another busy day for me today, but instead of being spread out over the day, it's all crammed together in the morning. I had a meeting with Emily's speech therapist scheduled for 7:45 this morning. That meant I had to get out of bed earlier than normal and put some make-up on and brush my teeth before taking Emily to school. As soon as I returned home from my meeting, I had to rush to get Sarah to school on time, and then wait around for her awards ceremony to begin.

In my meeting with Emily's speech therapist this morning, we basically just discussed Emily being released from speech therapy and went over her new IEP which will reflect that she no longer requires it. While Emily doesn't speak clearly in normal conversation, she has the ability to make all of her sounds correctly if she puts a little effort into it. If we kept her in speech therapy in sixth grade next year, she would have to miss a lot of her elective time, which I'd hate to take away from her. That's why we made the decision to end her services this year.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Sarah was given a notice that she would be receiving an award in the seventh grade awards ceremony this morning at her school. So, Katie and I went to watch the ceremony and see what award Sarah was being given. She ended up getting a certificate for her participation on the seventh grade Math League team.

Some of Sarah's friends got several awards, though. I sort of felt bad for Sarah that she didn't get something a bit more special, but then I thought that maybe she would see how hard some of her friends had worked to earn their awards and be inspired to work harder next year in school.

I took a few photos of Sarah and her friends this morning. Some of them aren't very good because my camera doesn't take very good photos from a distance under that school lighting.

Here is Sarah receiving her award.

Here is my beautiful daughter hiding her face from my camera as she walks back to her seat after receiving her award.

This is Sarah posing with her certificate so I could have just one decent photo of her smiling today.

This little girl is Sarah's friend, Rowan, who received six different awards this morning. She and Sarah have all of the same classes except for their elective (Sarah is in the orchestra and Rowan is in the band.), so apparently, she's the little award-hog we have to get rid of so Sarah can get some awards next year. Just kidding! We love Rowan.

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