Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on Mom

Mom was released from the hospital this evening. She's feeling much better now. They're not exactly sure what was causing her chest pains, but they think that maybe she was having heart spasms. They tried a new anti-spasm medication on her last night, but on the lowest dose, it gave her a massive headache, so they decided that she didn't really need it.

They did do another echocardiogram yesterday, and the cardiologist today said that it showed improvement over the one they did when she was in the hospital last month. And they decided that she no longer needed to take one of her water pills that they had her on. So, all in all, it's actually pretty good news today.

Oh, and Katie decided that she really needed some oxygen while we were visiting my mother today. This kid is such a ham!

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Debbie said...

Katie is so adorable...Even though that's a picture I'd like to try to keep from my mind...Not so bad when you know everything is ok....Hope your mom is doing well...