Monday, May 12, 2008

Doctor Update

Well, our appointments went well today. My appointment with my OB/GYN was great. I really love my doctor and I miss him in between visits. Last year, we joked about me getting pregnant again so we could spend more time together like we had when I was pregnant with Katie. He told me today that one thing that he doesn't like about his job is that when his patients are pregnant, he gets to see them a lot and develop a relationship with them, but once they deliver, he only sees them once a year for their annual exams.

Another thing that happened while I was at the doctor today was that the nurse who did my pre-exam testing (weight, BP, etc.) said that I was coming up on thirty-five and that I needed to go in for a baseline mammogram. I told her that I was NOT coming up on thirty-five, that I hadn't even reached my half-birthday yet, so I was still closer to thirty-four. She said that she was still going to give me the Rx to get it done, but that if I wanted to hold onto it until I actually turned thirty-five, that I could wait to have it done. My doctor said that he didn't think I needed to have it done this year, but that he would go ahead and sign the Rx in case I wanted to. I doubt I'll be getting that done anytime soon, though.

As for my mother's cardiology appointment, there really isn't much to tell. The doctor just basically asked her how she was feeling and told her that she can be as active as she wants, so long as she doesn't overdo it and get winded. He told her that he wants her to keep taking her meds as she has been and to come back in a month for another echocardiogram to see if her heart is getting stronger. He also told her that she still needs to avoid stress at all costs.

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Heather said...

Wow, I've never heard anyone enjoy their gyn appt. LOL. Glad everything is okay!