Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tyrant Toddler

Katie has been so demanding lately. Ever since she started learning to talk, she's been quite the bossy little thing. But things have gotten worse lately.

We babied her quite a bit when she was sick and pretty much gave in to every little request she made because she was so miserably ill. But now that she's feeling better, she seems to think that we're still going to just give in to her every little demand.

She thinks that she can boss us all around, too. She's always been pretty bossy with Emily, which we thought was funny that she would single Emily out like that, but now she thinks she can boss us all around.

When we don't do what she wants, she threatens us with a spanking, which sounds more like she's offering us bacon. "Do you want a spanking?" sounds more like, "Want bacon?" She so cute when she does this that it's hard to keep from laughing at her.

I am over this little attitude of hers, though, so I guess I have to get over how cute she is and lay down the law. Wish me luck.


Andrea said...

oh that's got to be hard...I can imagine bursting out laughing if she said that ....she is so darn cute. good luck there -LOL!

Karen said...

Yeah, that happens when I'm yelling at Joshua for something and he starts smiling at me. It's really hard not to start laughing. This happened a lot when I was yelling at him to stay in his bed at night.