Thursday, May 15, 2008


Monday night was Sarah's school's Spring Concert. Both the orchestra and the band performed for friends and relatives. The orchestra performed first and then had a cake and juice reception.

Sarah plays the violin in the advanced orchestra. They did a marvelous job with their music selections. The beginning orchestra performed first. It was amazing how big of a difference there was between the beginners and the advanced students. Last year, Sarah was a beginner, and this year she is one of the better violinists in her advanced orchestra. She's really come far this year.

I got an email from Sarah's orchestra teacher about a wonderful summer music class being offered at one of the local middle schools. There are two two-week sessions offered at a cost of $90 each. Students can choose one or both sessions. I feel this would be a wonderful opportunity for Sarah to not only keep the skills she's learned during this school year, but to improve her skills, as well.

Unfortunately, unless there is a change in our household income (like maybe getting some sort of child support again), I don't think I'll be able to afford to send her to either session. Of course, if anyone out there would like to donate* to this very worthy cause, please feel free to send me a check or make a donation via Paypal**.

*All donations will receive a photo and letter of thanks from Sarah.
**Paypal donations can be sent to

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Karen said...

Hey cool idea. I should post asking for donations for Joshua's swim lessons, lol. Right now, we can't afford them. Good luck raising the money. Maybe she can babysit or other odd jobs like wash cars to raise the money herself?