Friday, May 23, 2008

Good Morning

I had a really good morning today. Even though I was woken up late, I still managed to get Emily to school on time, and I managed to get a shower and wash my hair, too. Katie was in a good mood, and we went to meet up with our friends at Mimi's Cafe for brunch. It was a really nice meal and we had a really good time.

After brunch, since Katie was in a good mood and we had nowhere else to be right away, we went to Babies 'R Us to see if they had any of Katie's bedding accessories available. Katie's bedding set has been discontinued, and we aren't finished decorating her bedroom yet, so I am desperately scrambling to try to pick up the last few pieces I need to complete her room. I managed to get a set of wall decorations for Katie's room, and I picked up the last roll of wall border so that I'll have it in case I want to make my own decorations using pieces of it.

After our little shopping trip, we headed back home. Katie was thoroughly worn out, although still in a great mood, and ready for her nap. So, I laid her down in her crib, and she told me, "Night-night," and drifted off to sleep. This was definitely the best morning in a while.

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