Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sicko III

So, after taking the Motrin, Sarah's fever only came down to 100.3. I had to give her some Tylenol, too, to get it to come all the way down to normal. Poor baby!

At her doctor appointment this afternoon, Dr. Bob said Sarah definitely looked worse. He decided that she really did need to get a shot to get better. He swabbed her throat again to check for Strep, and said that if it was Strep, she would get a penicillin shot, and if it wasn't, she'd just get a rocephin shot.

Once again, the Strep test was negative, so Sarah got the rocephin shot, which doesn't hurt as much as the penicillin shot. Now, she just has to rest for the weekend and hope that she's healthy enough for school on Monday.

On a positive note, though, even though Sarah has been home with Katie and me all week long, neither one of us seems to be getting sick at all. Sarah has been doing a great job of not breathing on Katie, not letting Katie eat or drink after her, and washing her hands before she touches Katie. The hand washing really does make a huge difference when it comes to stopping the spread of germs.

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