Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Emily's Awards

This morning was Emily's Fifth Grade Awards Ceremony. My mother, Katie, and I were all in attendance. Emily received a certificate for being in the school chorus. She also received two very special awards - one for having excellent behavior all year, and one for making the Honor Roll all year. Not only has Emily made the Honor Roll all year, but she has actually made straight A's so far this year, and we are hoping that she will continue the trend with her final report card.

In this first photo, Emily is receiving her award for making the Honor Roll.

Here is Emily showing off her awards.

This is Emily with her friend, Katherine. They have been friends since meeting in Girl Scouts while in kindergarten.

Here Emily poses with her teacher. Sarah and Emily both had this same teacher for fifth grade, and we really love her a lot.

And, of course, Emily had to get a big squeeze in with her baby sister before she headed back to class.

Congratulations on a wonderful fifth grade year, Emily!


Heather said...

Congrats Emily!

Andrea said...

Wow, what a smartie! Kudos Emily!

Karen said...

WTG Emily!

Debbie said...

Whoohoo! Three cheers for Emily! What a great end to the school year! Congrats!

Scarlett said...

Congratulations to Emily! Wow! You'll have two in middle school next year? I didn't realize that Emily was already in fifth grade!