Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, my back is feeling a little better today, but it's still hurting some. I had Phil shake me out last night before I went to bed. Basically, he picks me up off of the floor and gives me one good shake so that they bones in my back that are all smooshed together can separate and go back to where they are supposed to.

Unfortunately, from the pain that I am feeling, I think that maybe some of my ribs are twisted together again. So, I'm pretty sure that I'll need to go see my doctor for an adjustment. My doctor is not a chiropractor, but she does wonders with my back and ribs. Phil put his back out once and she fixed him right up, too.

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Andrea said...

Maybe if Phil stops making you sleep in that pretzel cart, your body will bounce back? Just a thought...happy "un-twisting"