Friday, May 9, 2008

Friends & Yardwork

I found out this morning that the best way to do yard work is with friends. Sure, it's still hot, sweaty, dirty work, but it just doesn't seem as bad when you've got friends to help you and chat with you while you're doing it.

The moms group that I'm in just recently started a new "Moms Helping Moms" thing where one mom is chosen each month to have the other moms help her out with a project of her choosing. Last month, my friend Julie got to have some help cleaning her cabinets. Today was my turn, and I had some wonderful ladies come over to help me rake and bag leaves.

My friends Heather, Holly, Andrea, and Karen came over to work on my yard. Heather, Andrea, and Karen brought their little boys with them to play with Katie while we worked on the yard.

Here are a few before pics, courtesy of Andrea* and her awesome camera.

And a few pics from while we were working...

And, of course, the after pics...

After all of the work was done, we were all completely filthy. The kids had gotten a nice covering of dirt, too. So, once all of the lovely ladies were gone, I went to give Katie a bath. Since I was so hot, sweaty, and dirty, I decided not to wait to take a shower until after Katie's bath and just got in with her. Katie quite enjoyed that, and we both got clean.

All in all, it was a good day. Katie and I both had fun this morning, and we both took nice long naps after lunch, too. Thank you so much, ladies, for coming over and helping me out this morning. You are all such wonderful friends!

*Unfortunately, there are no photos of Andrea since she was behind the camera.


Karen said...

How many bags of leaves did you end up with? I bet Phil was happy that he wasn't involved, lol. Joshua took a 3 hour nap today!

Melodie said...

I think we ended up with 18 bags. You guys really worked hard for me!

Andrea said...

That was really fun, Melodie, please don't share that I said that with my dh in case he thinks that it would be a "fun" way to spend Mother's Day. It's much more fun to help do that for someone else than for yourself! Anytime you need something just call me - I'll be there Smelly Melly! LOL

Heather said...

Glad we could help out. Tyler very much enjoyed himself too!