Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Quiz

My lovely daughter, Sarah, sent me this link to a quiz she and her classmates were working on in her Geography class yesterday. Obviously, it is a Geography quiz. The particular link she sent me brought up a map of the United States and it asks you to click on the state that it gives you. It's actually a very forgiving quiz. You get three tries to locate each state, and you are awarded three points for getting it correct on the first try, two points if it takes you two tries, and one point if you get it on your third try.

My husband, who thinks I "suck" at Geography, was shocked that I scored so high (I missed one point because I got Indiana and Illinois mixed up the first time). He couldn't even come close to my score, though.

After I finished that quiz, I decided to try out the Central America quiz. I actually amazed myself with how well I did on my first try. I got 39 out of 42 points. I think I must have learned where most of the Central American countries are from watching hurricane reports on the news during the summer months! I know that's the only reason I knew where Belize was.

So, go ahead and test your Geography skills. And if you don't do so well, keep working on it until you feel good about yourself again.


Karen said...

I got a 144 on the U.S. quiz. Stupid Iowa, lol. I think I mixed up another state too but don't remember which one.

Holly said...

Wow, I surprised myself. I got 143. All those square states get me every time.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrased to admit that the Central America test got 35 points, got messed up with all those islands...
The USA one I ddi not take, because I would probably fail. I ahven't studied geography of my new country well enough, I need too because I am going to be taking my citizenship exam soon.
Marta Davis