Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too Nice?

It's just after noon now, and most of my garage sale stuff is still out in my yard. We've sold a couple of little things, but only one of my high dollar items has sold. It almost killed me to let my gorgeous double stroller go for only $50.

I've had several people comment on how nice my stuff is. Is it possible that my stuff is too nice? Is that why it's not selling? Because people who go to garage sales aren't really looking to get a good deal on something nice, but would rather buy junk? Maybe so.

So, I guess we'll be out here again tomorrow. Hopefully we'll sell more then. But since Sundays are notoriously slow for garage sales, we'll probably be out here again next weekend, too. Oh, joy.


Heather said...

I'm having the exact opposite problem. I'm looking for "nice" but finding only junk. LOL. I hope tomorrow goes better!

Debbie said...

Yard sales are so unpredictable...Its really hit or miss...I'm surprised if something looks very nice why people would not want it...Maybe its just the market...Plus it was a very hot the mid 90's...Too much heat for the brain....LOL! Good luck tomorrow, if you still go out there!!!