Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Catching Up

A few weeks ago, I was tagged by a few people to do a photo meme. I was too busy with my mother at the hospital and taking care of her when she came home to think about doing it. But now, things have slowed down a bit, so I can do it.

This is a Front Door, Back Door photo meme. What you are supposed to do is take a photo (or photos) looking out your front door, then do the same out your back door. You can explain what is being seen in the photos, too.

This first photo is looking straight out from my front door. You can see my lovely neighbor, Mrs. Smith's house, and her wonderfully kept yard. If you look closely, you'll also see her late husband's classic car in the carport.

The next photo is turning about 45 degrees to the left. In it you can see my neighbor Brian's house across the street. Unfortunately, his dogs are not in the photo, or you would see a couple of large mastiffs, too.

This is a view to the left of my front door. You can see my horrid neighbors trash all along the side of their house, as well as another box of trash out by the sidewalk. Oh, and that big, blue truck in the driveway hasn't run in over a year!

Since my garage is all you can see when you turn to the right of my front door, I went down my walkway a bit to take this next photo. In it you can see my wonderful car. Yes, she's older than all of my children, but still runs great and only has 82,000 miles on her. Beyond my car, you will notice several oak trees and one lonely pine tree. How it ended up in the middle of all of those oak trees I'll never know.

These next three photos should explain why it is that I have no grass growing in my front yard. They are looking up at the sky from my front yard.

Now, on to the backyard! Here you see directly out of my sliding glass door that leads onto my tiny back porch. On the porch you can see Phil's grill on the right. Through the screen, you can see the big plastic play set that we bought for Katie to play on. To the left of the play set is one of our orange trees.

Next is the northwest corner of my back yard. Growing back there are a couple of palm trees and several banana trees. During our first hurricane season in this house, the banana trees were all broken and Phil had to cut them down to about a foot from the ground. More than double what had been there grew back!

In this next photo you can see our larger play set. It has two regular swings and a toddler swing, monkey bars, a rock wall, a picnic table, and a big yellow slide.

In the southwest corner of our back yard (off to the left of the large play set) is our crappy little metal shed. It's not very nice, but it certainly serves it's purpose. In front of the shed is our other orange tree. You can also see our lawnmower that Phil has neglected to put back into the shed.

And last, but not least, a look out of my side garage door. Off to the left, you will see the ladder near the oak trees that I have been working on trimming with my chainsaw.

To the left of my side door, you can catch a glimpse of my other next door neighbor's beautifully landscaped yard. He's a single guy with no children, so he has plenty of time to work on his yard several times a week.

So, there you have it! My yard in all its glory - LOL!

Now, if you haven't already done this meme, consider yourself tagged!


Debbie said...

From the pics, you have a nice amount of yard space for the girls to play outside with....That's very cool..

Melodie said...

Yes, we do have quite a large yard. At least, compared to most of these newer subdivisions where you can practically reach out your window to hand your neighbor a cup of sugar.